Malaysian University English Test (MUET)
Malaysian University English Test (MUET) comprises all four language skills which are listening, speaking, reading and writing. This exam is compulsory to be taken if the students are interested in pursuing study in tertiary level in Malaysia’s public universities. The objective of this exam is to measure the English language proficiency level of students based upon score range from 0 to 300 with a banding system from Band 1 to Band 6.

Students who have taken MUET are legible to enroll into degree courses at local public universities:
o   Band 1 or 2 : you have to take two extra English courses during holidays
o   Band 3 or 4 : you have to take one extra English course
§  However, you must at least obtain Band 4 in order to pursue your study in English language programme.
o   Band 5 or 6 : you can skip the extra English course

About Registration

                    Where to register
Public and private schools :
Register through your respective institutions
Private individual                 :
Register at the Education Department of the state in which you wish to sit for the test.

You may check your registration status through website

About Fee

Fee is RM100 
Withdrawal from Test
·         Will not be refunded.
·         However, a refund of RM40 will be given on condition if the candidate suffering from a long-term illness or the candidate who has passed away.

Test Dates

MUET test is done twice a year which are:
·         Mid-year (Speaking test – April, Written test – May)
·         Year-end (Speaking Test – October, Written test – November)
The exact dates will be announced by Malaysian Examinations Council in local newspapers in January and May.

Test Components

Maximum Scores
Number of Questions
Test Specifications
30 minutes
20 questions
Assessment will cover:
i.      Knowledge
ii.    Comprehension
iii.   Application
iv.   Analysis
v.     Synthesis
vi.   evaluation
30 minutes
Task A: Individual Presentation
              2 minutes to prepare
              2 minutes to present
Task B: Group interaction
              2 minutes to prepare
            10 minutes to present (discussion with group members)
Assessment will cover:
i.      accuracy – grammatically correct language, correct pronunciation, stress and intonation
ii.    fluency – speaking with confidence and fluency
iii.   appropriacy – using varied vocabulary and expressions, varied sentence structure
iv.   coherence and cohesion – develop and organise ideas, use appropriate markers and linking words
v.     use of language functions
vi.   managing a discussion
vii.  task fulfillment – present relevant ideas, provide adequate content, show mature treatment of content
90 minutes
6 shorter texts (at least one with graphics)
Multiple-choice questions
Assessment will cover:
i.      comprehension
ii.    application
iii.   analysis
iv.   synthesis
v.     evaluation
90 minutes
Task 1: interpretation of information based on specific stimuli provided (no less than 150 words)
Task 2: extended writing based on given topic (no less than 350 words)
Assessment will cover:
i.      accuracy
ii.    appropriacy
iii.   coherence and cohesion
iv.   use of language functions
v.     task fulfilment

Paper 800/1 – Listening

Candidates are assessed on ability to comprehend various types of oral texts. This is to measure your level of proficiency in interpreting and comprehending oral texts in English language. The oral texts that you might listen to during listening test include telephone conversation, meetings, announcements, briefings, documentaries, lectures, oral presentations, interviews, talks, discussions, news, instructions, advertisements and etc.
You will listen to each text twice. You are given one minute to read the questions for the first text. Use the one minute wisely to look for important information that you are going to listen. The invigilator will play the recording for the first time. The first time you listen, try to understand each word and do some note-taking especially for important numbers or figures that you might not remember. After listening to the text for the first time, you are given ONE minute to answer the questions. The recording will be played for second time. This time, check your answer. The process/procedure is repeated until 5 texts.

Paper 800/2 – Speaking

This speaking test takes approximately 30 minutes for each group which consists of four candidates in a group. Task A is individual presentation that requires you to speak for two minutes, and Task B is a group interaction where all four candidates are required to participate in a ten-minute discussion on a given topic. Task A and Task B are carried out consecutively.
In Task A, each candidate will be given the same situation, however each will have to present about different role. In Task B, the same question from Task A is used. This time, candidates will have to interact with group members whether to agree or disagree with the topic.
                Test Procedures – Task A

Each group is assessed by two examiners and do not get a chance to choose group members. Candidates enter the examination room together and greet the examiners while taking place according to instruction given by examiners. Each candidate is given a question paper and writing paper for jotting notes. Candidates then are given TWO minutes to read the situation and prepare for Task A, by making notes. When the two minutes are up, Candidate A starts giving his/her views on the situation and topic given. The rest of the candidates listen to Candidate A and take down notes for the group interaction in Task B. After two minute, Candidate A will be told to stop talking and Candidate B will start giving his/her views. Same goes to Candidate C and Candidate D. Task A ends.

                                Tips for Task A

                When you are given two minutes to speak, begin with greeting to the examiners and the rest of the candidates. Then state you role in Task A for the purpose of to let other candidates understand what is your role because they hold different role than you are. After that, state how many points you have and what are they (this is for the purpose of to let the examiners understand what are your points). After that, ELABORATE each point clearly with example. Remember, this is not a matter of how many points do you have, but how you present the point and your fluency in speaking English language.

Test Procedures – Task B

Candidates are given two minutes to prepare for the group interaction. Read the task and jot down notes. When the two minutes are up, candidates will be told to start the discussion. Any one of the candidates can begin the discussion. Each candidate should contribute substantially towards the discussion. After ten minutes, the examiners will ask the candidates to stop discussion. Task B ends.

Tips for Task B

Initiate the conversation with new idea and do not try to make the discussion goes personal. Converse well by taking turn to give ideas and wait till the candidate finish his/her words before interrupting. Be polite and use language functions well.


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